Our Team

Rafael Bokow has been in the nursing field for the better part of a decade. With extensive experience in emergency and critical care nursing as well as being a qualified PICC and Midline nurse, Rafael is not content running and growing the business from behind a desk, but is often in the field inserting PICC’s, speaking to our clients and ensuring the smooth running of the business with first hand experience and eye for detail. Rafael is also a classically trained singer with a focus on antique Italian arias. He enjoys hiking with Mr. Pretzel, his favorite movie is Crimson Tide and his go to food is…mango.
Sara Kipnis is an IT whiz, with close to 20 years of IT experience in her cap. Equally comfortable in developing complex medical software as she is in developing new business relationships, Sara is a vital cog in our talented organization and we’re very proud to have her with us. No, she doesn’t sing but she loves being a mother to her kids and taking a swim, regardless of the water temperature. Her favorite movie is the Sound of Music, and her go-to food is ….Polish stew….who knew?
Jan Elliott is a highly qualified and experienced infusion and vascular access educator. With over 20 years experience, we are proud to have Jan as our IV Education Director for LTC nursing facilities. She’s a self-confessed workaholic and whenever contacting her she’s either with a patient or heading to a lecture and skills lab at one of the many facilities in NY. She’s caring, knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients and students and a really nice person. Her favorite movie is Top Gun and her goto food is raw oysters.
Mr. Pretzel doesn’t sing, doesn’t insert PICC lines and has no idea how to turn on a computer, but what he lacks in IV knowledge he more than makes up for with his eternal happiness and good nature. He is our mascot and our constant reminder to take each day at a time and be thankful for what we have. Mr. Pretzel’s favorite movie is The Three Amigos and his best food is …yes….Pretzels