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In a world in which hospital beds have become less available, Long Term Care facilities have become “Mini-Hospitals” with the level of patient acuity increasing significantly. As a result IV therapy has become a mainstay of LTC therapy.

As the leading pioneer in online IV education, IV National ensures ease of learning via online option along with the assurance that one of our expert instructors Will Come To YOU for INS competency completion. (Specifically for our IV Insertion and management course.)

Without the “Return Demonstration” competency signed by an experienced instructor, the student taking the course has no basis to proceed to practice the skills learned. If anything goes wrong the question is who provided the training? Was the instructor competent and experienced? Therefore, when learning the important fine-motor skills of vein identification and IV insertion, it is essential to have an experienced instructor provide the final hands-on training.

After the online section is completed, Our EXPERT instructors are available to come to your facility for the short skills competency and course completion. Wherever you are in the nation, we will come to your facility.

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